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Samsung's Galaxy Camera is making its way to Australia, so here are some initial sample photo to whet your appetite.

Unless specified, all photos are presented as is, with no post-processing, apart from cropping or resizing for web. See more hands-on photos with the camera in our gallery here.

The Galaxy Camera will be available in Australia from the end of this week for AU$599 outright, or through Optus and Telechoice on data plans.

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rosen01 posted a comment   
United States

Samsung is encashing its Galaxy Brand, anyway it's a cool camera. Nikon Coolpix S800c is alo a great camera to have in this category, powered with android and Wi-Fi that enables you to click and share instantly


Chandler posted a comment   

I don't know how well it'll sell... I was looking at it thinking: It's a Samsung Android device, specifically for taking photos, and it costs $600... I could pretty much go and buy a Samsung Android phone (which also takes photos, albeit lower quality) for pretty much the same price; or, I could spend a hundred or so more and get a decent entry-level DSLR. Now I'm no photo guru, but the Galaxy Camera looks at least like an upper-class point-n-shoot; I can't speak for the specs, but if it is, then I don't think Android cameras could become a thing, not at that price...

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