Samsung Galaxy Mega: is bigger really better?

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Samsung sources have suggested that 5.8-inch and 6.3-inch phones may well be on their way.

"We're going to need a bigger Note!"
(Credit: CBSi)

Have you felt that the 5.5-inch screen on your Galaxy Note II just isn't big enough? Well, if the sources cited by SamMobile turn out to be accurate, you may be in luck.

According to the site, Samsung is poised to launch two new super-sized phones under the brand Galaxy Mega.

The Galaxy Mega 5.8 (GT-I9152) will add just 0.3 inches to the Note II's screen, and will arrive in the 22nd week of the year.

Its stable mate will be the Galaxy Mega 6.3 (GT-I9200), and it's set to be available around the middle of the year. Both will apparently come in black or white options.

The devices were initially rumoured at the start of the year under the terrible name of "Phonblet", and at the time were being tipped for a reveal at Mobile World Congress (MWC).

How likely are these phones to be the real deal? Well, Samsung has had considerable success at the heftier side of the market with the Note and the Note II. Add in the impressive screen resolution and pixel density we've seen for the Galaxy S4, and you've got a phone that could tick the right boxes for more than a few people.

Where we find ourselves feeling a bit dubious is on the timing; it seems a little too close to the Galaxy S4 launch to be bringing two new phones to market. Similarly, we're not sure why Samsung would add Mega as a new brand, rather than continue with the Note name. But at least it's not still being mooted as the Phonblet.

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LarryM2 posted a comment   

I'll purchase this in the future! I currently have the LG Intuition because I couldn't afford the difference to get the Note II, but I like the idea of having these "phablets" and I've been enjoying mine playing games and taking down quick notes for later!


The Stav posted a comment   

Looks like these 2 variants are very low end devices. Samsung are certainly covering all the bases.


JimW2 posted a comment   

lets hope Samsung don't go the "apple" route, releasing variants with hardly any change....iphone 4/4s. Screen size is not always the only thing that matters. If you own an S3, there really is little point in upgrading to the S4....some of the upgrades are just novelty, and serve little use in every day life.


MorrisG posted a reply   

S4 will have faster processor, IR port to use phone as universal remote, bigger screen, eye movement recognition, etc...

Individually they may not be a reason to upgrade but put together, they do make a compelling argument.


WadeO posted a comment   

Looks Good :)


spydasweb posted a comment   

Happy to buy one, if the specs and software are right!


Sourav KumarR posted a comment   

I won't buy another Galaxy Note if it goes any bigger. 5.5" is just at the edge what I can comfortably carry around in my Jeans pockets. I love to ride bikes and I ride my bike to everywhere, so pocket comfort is an big issue for the riders like me. In that case I might have to move from Samsung to another manufacturer and that would be to bad. I just started to love the Touch Wiz.


troyhulm posted a comment   

I have a note 2


MandyM1 posted a comment   

As a Note II user, it just barely fits into my butt pocket/suit pocket; anything bigger is really starting to push it.

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