Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1

Samsung delivers a solid and well-performing tablet in the Note 10.1, but it is far from the best device available. The screen falls short of its competitors' screens, battery life could be better and Samsung is charging top dollar.

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  • prince1950


    "Hi All, can any one help me have a Samsung Galaxy note 10.1 Wi Fi,3G but i can't get on to the web. I asked optus,my provider"

  • MinxChique



    "My first Note went kaput the second day I owned it. Went online to search for troubleshooting videos/solutions and zilch. Took it to the store where I got it from and had it exchanged. The sale ass..."

  • bestestimes



    "Great Tablet, only few things i dont like, the camera is low quality and the lack of ability of being able to send the apps to the micro sd card is bad. Love the s pen and the Photo shop Touch app"

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