Samsung Galaxy Note 2

The Note 2 could appeal to students, to artists, to business professionals and, yes, even to those who aren't invested in tablets, but would like a larger screen. However, many people won't feel drawn to use the S Pen, and the Note 2's extra-large size and expense will turn others off.

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User Reviews / Comments  Samsung Galaxy Note 2

  • LiamD2



    "I have been playing around with the note 2 for some time now. I love the clear display, android 4.1 OS, the dual app screen and s-voice. The phone has super-fast internet download speeds and the mo..."

  • AidanG



    "It really is just that little too big, I think if they could make the bezel just that little bit smaller or knock it down to 5.3 inches, it would have been perfect! I think the newest phones that s..."

  • cesttegan



    "S-pen is pretty nifty, I was really impressed with the interpretation of handwriting and the way the s-pen can be used to quickly produce and annotate screen captures.

    Multi-tasking f..."

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