Samsung Galaxy S II 4G

The Galaxy S II 4G represents the best of last year's technology. It's fast, in more ways than one, and battery life is good. But when you're paying full price, don't you want the latest and greatest?

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User Reviews / Comments  Samsung Galaxy S II 4G

  • CliveW



    "I am a solid user of the 'smart' more than the 'phone' and had it for ~8 months. The battery life is terrible and I need to charge constantly and have 3 chargers located at convenient spots for me...."

  • sun_wukong86



    "So far I've had the phone for about 2 weeks and it seems decent. I've upgraded from a pre-paid Telstra T108 so it seems like a god send. But I have noticed some issues such as:
    -calling in ge..."

  • evil_emma



    "I have always been skeptical of Samsung as earlier experiences with the brand haven't been good. Well I admit now that after buying a 3D TV last year and this phone last week I am really impressed...."

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