Samsung Galaxy S III Jelly Bean update as soon as September?

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If a renowned Samsung fan site is to be believed, Samsung could be first with the Jelly Bean update, with new firmware planned for the Galaxy S III, Galaxy S II, Galaxy Note and the unannounced Galaxy Note 2.

(Credit: Google)

SamMobile is reporting that the Galaxy phone maker is close to finishing the update, which would advance the software on its best-selling phones to the Android 4.1 platform. It reports that the Galaxy S III firmware has been successfully tested internally, and that a public build will be ready for the telcos once Google has signed off on it. By their estimates, the updates should begin rolling out at the end of Q3, or September for those of us who don't speak in quarters.

The Galaxy S II and the Galaxy Note are in the internal testing phase, but this is running smoothly. This means that the update for these models will be slightly later than for the Galaxy S III, but not too far behind it.

As we reported yesterday, the Galaxy Note 2 is expected to launch at an event in Berlin at the end of September, and SamMobile believes there is a chance that Samsung will try to ship this new model with Jelly Bean pre-loaded. If this isn't the case, an update will be made available "a couple of months after".

Of course, all of these update timings are subject to the approval of the local carriers, too. If Samsung does begin to finalise its Jelly Bean update at the end of September, the telcos would need a testing period of their own, and this could add several weeks to the wait for end users.

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ehermo posted a comment   

Bring on Jelly Bean!!!


JakeK posted a comment   

What are the chances of Optus bringing this to us.


MitchellT posted a comment   

what about the galaxy s 2?


Chandler posted a reply   

It's not in any OEM's financial interest to update the Android for existing users when they can update their new phones to force users to upgrade to them.

Hence I have a Nexus phone: pretty much guaranteed updates straight from Google, as long as the phone can support it.


MichaelM14 posted a reply   

How does your Nexus compare to Samsungs Galaxy S2 and S3 in other areas ?


Chandler posted a reply   

Don't get me wrong - the S2 and S3 are both good phones, I just prefer the basic Android interface.

Mind you there are quite a few things missing from "pure Android", i.e. I had to find and download a Stopwatch & Timer app, since Android doesn't include those functions by itself (most OEMs add them to their ROM, however).

In terms of specs, specs are really just number comparisons: the best comparison is from use, and I haven't used an S2 or S3 so I can't compare. I am happy with my GNex but.

It's really just a personal preference.


Will1505 posted a reply   

As the article says, the s2 is in testing and seeing as it was the highest seeing product samsung ever made, it will get the update......however most likely be the last update it gets.

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