Samsung Galaxy S III: unboxing

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We've been lucky enough to get our hands on a new Galaxy S III handset today, and we thought we'd share the excitement of peeling back the plastic wrapping with everyone.

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AndrewC15 posted a comment   

Had a quick play at the Telstra store everything seems fast and smooth didnt try call quality or the camera BUT I can confirm its plastic feels real cheap - so know do I upgrade to a Galaxy 3 or a Lumia 900


ari350z posted a comment   

Can someone let me know if the Samsung S3 is compatible with iMac computers? I'm thinking of upgrading my iPhone 3GS to the Samsung. Before spending the money, I would like to know if the S3 will do the same back ups etc on my iMac as my 3GS.
Back up photos with iPhoto, contacts and music as well, well I guess the same I can do now with my iPhone. Can someone help me please?


pr1234 posted a reply   

Samsung doesn't offer good support for Mac users. If you like the convenience of iTunes to sync music, movies etc, then you will have a lot of trouble because Samsung will not sync with iTunes. Other iTunes look-a-likes (e.g. Double Twist) look nice but is not elegant and not easy at syncing music etc. Samsung phones (like other Androids) are treated like USB drives - you need software to transfer items to the phone or you can manually manage your folders in your phone - sounds nice but in the long run it's a headache. BUT if you just want a phone, then Samsung is a good candidate as with the the existing iPhone 4S or the upcoming next gen iPhone.


Danish posted a comment   


I have the SII from vodafone, and also the SII LTE 4G from Telstra. Wondering if the SIII is worth an upgrade?


LizS posted a comment   

How's the camera? I have the Galaxy S and the camera isn't very good, espec. compared to my partner's iPhone. I know this is a lot more mp but is it anything like apple's picture quality?


AlexV1 posted a comment   

Meh , aesthetic's wise it feels pretty lacklustre. Same old Samsung . Nothing new nothing fresh. Just a see of Plastic with round edges.


JubinJ posted a comment   

if looks are to die for, then this phone looks amazingly awesome.. Furthermore, the technicalities of the phone are not that bad ..


pr1234 posted a reply   

cheap plastic imitation. At least HTC or Nokia look more credible and have their own unique look and feel. Samsung just looks like a plastic version of a Reject shop imitation iPhone.

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