Samsung Galaxy S5 interface images leak

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Hot on the heels of last week's run of hardware rumours, @evleaks has posted purported screenshots of the new-look Galaxy S5 home screen.

Some commentators have suggested the interface looks like Google Now, but we'd argue it's more akin to a cross between BlinkFeed on the HTC One and Metro tiles on Windows Phones.

We also initially thought some notifications looked commercially-based — advertising, in other words — until we'd really studied all the information. The alerts include exercise tracking statistics, notifications of parcel deliveries, upcoming calendar events, messages and sport scores.

It certainly seems to be a similar concept to Google Now — the presentation of not only received notifications, but also the delivery of pre-emptive information based on your search history, locations, Gmail and more.

As with all the S5 rumours, we'll have to wait until March/April to learn the whole truth, but with Samsung's venerable TouchWiz UI starting to showing its age, we'd expect the company to be working on something fresh for its next flagship smartphone.

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tksurface posted a comment   

Definitely a cross between google / zagat and windows live tiles.

I guess they are scared enough to tach and cover the fleet (sailboat racing). Don't want to let microsoft bank the corner and round the 3rd upwind mark first.

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