Samsung Galaxy S5 to get unibody metal shell

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Samsung's next Galaxy smartphone will have a metal body, following HTC and Apple's premium devices, if Japanese website EMSOne is to be believed.

The current Samsung Galaxy S4.
(Credit: Samsung)

EMSOne, which reports on the original device manufacturers that make computing hardware for companies like Samsung, states that ODM Catcher Technology will make between 10 million and 30 million unibody metal shells for Samsung's next Galaxy premium smartphone. Catcher, in Taiwan, will be joined by BYD in China and Ju Teng in Taiwan in producing the chassis.

There's also a suggestion that Samsung will produce the Galaxy S5 in two designs: one using plastic and the other the aforementioned metal shell.

A metal body would eliminate one of the chief issues with Samsung's smartphones, removing any concerns around mediocre build quality and durability. An aluminium chassis would mean the next Galaxy S smartphone might be slightly heavier but would be more resistant to knocks, scratches and accidental drops.

Samsung has consistently used class-leading hardware in its Galaxy S line of smartphones, helping them take the market by storm and helping Samsung become the world's largest smartphone maker. In Q3 2013, Samsung sold a grand total of 81.2 million phones, far ahead of the combined 69 million phones shipped by Huawei, LG, Apple and Lenovo. With the problem of longevity potentially solved by a metal chassis, it's possible Samsung will further extend its lead over chief rival Apple.

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The Stav posted a comment   

Currently using a plastic optimus g pro and dropped it twice with no issues. So plastic is ok in my book, it's what the phone can do, quality and size of screen, speed of operation, whether there is expandable storage, strength of signal, camera quality etc.
Samsung, if the rumours and what is known proove correct, then this will be in a class of its own, unless Sony or LG produce a 4k device with Qualcomm's 805 processor in Q2.


martialllaw74 posted a comment   

prefer plastic over metal. Don't understand why people get so hung up over plastic.


TristramW posted a comment   

If you look after the bloody thing then there should be no isssues if its made from platic Ive been using my Galxy Nexus over 2 years now, the batteries dying but apart from that and a few scratches it's an awesome phone.

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