Samsung Galaxy S

Sure it looks like an iPhone, but on the inside the Galaxy S is a web-browsing, media-playing beast of a smartphone, and one of the best Android phones in Australia today.

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  • jaccardi77



    "Good back in 2010 but as a spare phone now it seems small and very slow
    the 3 year old touch screen has lost its responsiveness and needs to be pressed very hard."

  • TimF1



    "Worst phone I have ever used. Unstable firmware full of bugs which never get completely fixed by Samsung. Phone slows down over time. Cheap finger print attracting build quality with rattling loose..."

  • NicholasT1



    "Who paid you to say this?

    Crikey, I¨ve never had a phone that I felt like throwing on the floor and stomping on!!

    Slooooooooooooooooowwwww to boot, be prepared to wait up ..."

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