Samsung Galaxy Tab

While the Galaxy Tab isn't cheap, it delivers the Android experience on a big screen without being too large or heavy, and offers a great experience for lovers of multimedia.

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  • MartinK1



    "These have recently had a price drop you can pick one up with Telstra branding for around $300 Harvey Norman have non phone carrier branded models for $500-600 I don't know there current price at t..."

  • Sheppodawg



    "This is a great new toy from samsung! Better than iPad and can be used as a phone, which is why it is a little more expensive than an iPad. But most of these tabs actually cost roughly the same as ..."

  • Pooky



    "I've had my tab for a couple of weeks now and i have used it every day. It's a terrific device to be used when in transit (on the bus/train/plane) and i love the fact that when you've finished with..."

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