Samsung introduces 3D plasma

Samsung announced a pair of 3D-ready plasma HDTVs at the 2008 Consumer Electronics Show.

Samsung's 3D ready PNA450P plasma

In the race to find that tiny inkling of a feature to differentiate ine product from another, the lure of an easily recognisable term, like, oh, say, "3D", can overwhelm such petty concerns as actual real-world usefulness. Samsung introduced its first 3D-ready HDTVs last year in the US in the form of a few DLP-based rear-projection models, but the company's 2008 PNA450P series are the first flat-screens to get 3D readiness. The series includes two models, the 42-inch PN42A450P and the 50-inch PN50A450P.

To get the extra dimension out of these models you'll need to purchase a 3D accessory kit that consists of, you guessed it, a pair of special glasses. If the kit needed for the DLP televisions is any indication, the plasma kit will cost US$150 and consist of software that runs on a PC connected to the display. That's right; the only way to get the 3D effect on the DLP sets is to connect a PC that plays back the movie or game or whatever content you'd like to make 3D. Special drivers are available at US$5 a pop for the few games supported, and no native 3D content is available as far as we know. That's where the questionable real-world usefulness comes into play.

The PNA450P plasmas include a few other notable features, such as new processing said to cut down on false contouring, reduce power consumption by 10 percent, and a new antiglare screen. Samsung's 3D plasmas are scheduled to arrive in the US March; no Australian availability or pricing was not announced at the show.

Samsung PNA450P key features (direct from the press release)

  • 3D ready (with accessory kit)
  • ACE2 algorithm reduced false contours
  • Ultra FilterBright antiglare filter
  • 18-bit processing
  • Three HDMI 1.3 inputs
  • "Hidden" bottom speakers

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Kam posted a comment   

Not sure what you are on about mate, but the 3d glasses thing has been going on for a while with nvidias stereoscopic technology.

Please point me to a TV that "exists where the viewer does not need any glasses". I call BS mate.


Dono posted a reply   

There is many out there now but are very $$$. I looked at one out of Germany that was 65" and had a $37,000 USD price tag. Model number S3D-6500H Sunvay Tech.



Username posted a comment   

No offense to Samsung, but TVs already exist where the viewer does NOT need any glasses to see the 3D effect.

If they want any chance of this becoming main stream, they better hope it performs better than the Phillips 3D LCD.

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