Samsung LA46A750

The Samsung LA46A750 is part of Samsung's new 7 Series and features stunning design, an Ethernet port and the second generation of the company's 100Hz technology.

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The new Samsung Series 7 LCD TVs are truly in a league of their own. Like most Korean designed televisions, they are absolute darlings in aesthetics and pack an eye-catching Crystal Design. But it's the new-found network connectivity that sets this range apart from other panels in the market. This capability enables the "connected" entertainment hub to sport new tricks such as live news feeds and on-the-fly multimedia streaming.

If you have an appetite for exquisite design or need something flashy to impress your buddies and associates with, Samsung's Series 6 and 7 flat panels' unique Crystal Design may be exactly what you need. The sensuous combination of a thin glossy bezel and inconspicuous red-tint borders — inspired by Italian glass blowers, apparently — make the LA46A750 a stunner. To maintain a picturesque front, its designers have again taken the invisible speaker approach, except that this is now lined along the bottom and firing downward — a rather strange proposition especially for directional sounds like vocals and highs.

It is equally astonishing what a simple wired network port can bring to the table. While we have been hearing about Net connectivity such as the AQUOS Net at the recent CES 2008 in January, the Series 7 LCD's InfoLink is probably a first outside of Japan. New on the plate are live news feeds, on-the-fly stock updates and weather focus, with Samsung in talks with Yahoo to provide local content. That's putting aside an enhanced WiseLink Pro function which doubles as a multimedia streamer. The latest Pro-DLNA incarnation streams music, photos and videos from remote PCs and media servers, conveniently transforming the set into a self-contained entertainment hub.

With on-board flash memory and an inbuilt high-speed USB port, Samsung is also offering preloaded content for the TV through its Content Library function. The material currently includes photo slideshows, cooking recipes, fitness tips, games and children-centric edutainment selections. According to its spokesperson, initial offerings will have an "international" flavour, though talks are in progress to beef up local content, too. Likewise for the download element of the system through its Web site and with new content played back through USB storage. Rounding up its connectivity options are four HDMI 1.3 ports, the highest in quantity so far.

Like a needle in a technological hay stack, we're struggling to single out any faults with the well-rounded LA46A750. However, a stronger set of key specs would have given the series an edge over its lower-end Series 6 counterpart. The latter offers near identical features sans the networking capability. In fact, if the hot rose-red hues haven't melted your heart, there's always the Series 5 models with a 50,000:1 dynamic contrast and 178-degree viewing angle, at a much cheaper price, too.

After a slow start this year, the big boys are back at full steam and it's definitely "show time" for Samsung with the ground-breaking LA46A750 trump card under its belt. Would it prompt Sharp to react with its own Net-ready AQUOS for Australia? We certainly hope so. But until we receive a heads up from them, the Series 7 is the one and only Internet-savvy flat panel on the horizon. As to whether it's a worthy feature in our maturing consumer electronics market, only time will tell. The Series 7 LCD range is expected to be released in Australia in August/September 2008 with pricing to be announced.

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billybob posted a comment   

The Good:excellent picture

The Bad:not compatible with ps3s

will connect ps3 to start with but once it shuts down it can no longer find the connection


Pete posted a review   

The Good:Its ok but the same as the rest

The Bad:No service or support.

Samsung are terrible for support, slow and don't communicate. Internet and computer connectivity don't work. Very annoying considering I purchased a USB Wireless LAN adaptor for $100 extra on top of the TV. I don't think Samsung realise what year it is when it comes to connectivity, they are stuck in 1980. I have purchased many Samsung products over the years but after this debacle I am done with Samsung. Never again.


cookie posted a review   

The Good:nice Picture quality

The Bad:it had 4 dead pixel`s on the first day,looking it to geting warranty

love the tv but got a un lucky 1


Johnny posted a comment   

The Good:Superb quality, DLNA,4xHDMI, USB - everything you need features, plus top of the line picture

The Bad:InfoLink contect appears not upgradable...fortunately no one would buy the TV for that feature anyway.



SONY posted a review   

u can use wireless adapter with it. mine came with it. u can purchase it if you want. with this adapter it works like APPLE TV.


H.T.Lok posted a review   

The Good:High contrast screen and vivid colours. Comprhensive features.
Impressive to look at.
Good sound quality

The Bad:Vague touch button panel on TV frame -deactivates too quickly!

I bought this TV about 2 weeks ago. The more I use it the more I love it - simply the best available!


lillem posted a review   

The Good:Colors, menu settings

The Bad:Remote is ugly, it could have been set up better like Toshiba's remotes.

Amazing TV with spectacular colors.


axn_au posted a review   

The Good:Can be used as a entertainment HUB plays most media files

The Bad:Price., No LED back light

Ethernet port is useful , always you can install rj45 to wireless bridge and have wireless N.


me posted a review   

Where can you get this TV from within Australia?


me posted a review   

screw the ethernet port , who wants more wires in the louge, what about wireless n, thats what it should of had

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User Reviews / Comments  Samsung LA46A750

  • billybob


    "will connect ps3 to start with but once it shuts down it can no longer find the connection"

  • Pete



    "Samsung are terrible for support, slow and don't communicate. Internet and computer connectivity don't work. Very annoying considering I purchased a USB Wireless LAN adaptor for $100 extra on top o..."

  • cookie



    "love the tv but got a un lucky 1"

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