Samsung LA46A950

The Samsung LA46A950 is without a doubt the best LCD television we've seen up until this point and proof that the technology has some fire left in it yet.

There are no sellers at the moment that carry this product.

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  • alok69


    "I agree completely. It is so bad in India that Samsung service engineers / technicians are running sort of "mafia" where they thrive on the poor customer service centre"

  • Tony  T

    Tony T

    "I spent 40 minutes on hold waiting to speak to a Samsung customer support person. After explaining my LCD television had been at their authorised (contracted) service rep for last 18 days and previ..."

  • JoeP


    "Excellent picture quality, if you guys try to stream HD video content over a network - forget it, it won't work, also has resizing issues.
    Samsung technical support and VOC area are complete..."

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