Samsung launches curved OLED TV in Korea

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Samsung has just launched its first commercially available curved OLED TV in Korea, but it may be stepping back from a flat-panel OLED launch in 2013.

(Credit: Samsung)

The curved OLED screen was first shown off at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), and has just been launched in South Korea for around US$13,000. The curved TV has similar features to Samsung's current smart TV range, including an Evolution Kit upgrade port. It will also have a multi-view function, allowing two different pictures to be shown simultaneously, using specialised glasses.

Reuters is reporting that this will be the only OLED panel offered by Samsung this year, with the company having no plans to launch a flat OLED TV in 2013. This seems to contradict reports that Samsung's KN55F9500 55-inch OLED would be available in Korea soon, with the US version in the latter half of the year.

Local Samsung representatives were unable to comment on the possible availability of OLED products in Australia at this time.

The curved OLED will be available outside of Korea in July, although Samsung has not specified which territories. It will join LG's curved OLED, which is due to arrive in the Australian market sometime later this year.

LG has not given a local price on its curved TV. Its Korean price of 15 million won is now roughly AU$14,150.

(Credit: Samsung)

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martialllaw74 posted a comment   

Not a good idea as quite a lot of TV viewing is done from off center whilst performing other activities, a curved screen will reduce viewing angle (one of the main concerns when flat panels first started coming out).
Not every one uses there lounge as a pseudo cinema


trebor83 posted a comment   

Mmmm. Taste that Gimmicky goodness...


eDDie posted a comment   

Why curved? I don't get it. It'll look nice and great for TV's placed in corners, however you can't mount it, and does it really add to anything? Wouldn't it decrease the viewing angles?


nerdmusc1e posted a reply   

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