Samsung launches sub-$10,000 55-inch OLED TV

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Samsung has officially launched the ES9500 55-inch OLED TV at the annual IFA trade show in Berlin, Germany.

You can tell it's a TV launch when the Victoria's Secret models emerge. Angela Bellotte shows off the 55-inch OLED TV from Samsung. (Credit: CBSi)

While the television has been on display previously at different trade fairs around the world, it's now hitting production. Both Samsung and LG are claiming that their models are the world's largest, though, at 55 inches each, it seems like calling them both as such is really splitting hairs.

Samsung says the ES9500 offers a 20 per cent richer experience in colour rendition than traditional LED TVs, with a fast response time. As outlined when the TV was on show previously, the ES9500 comes with Multi View, which lets two viewers watch two separate sources on the one screen, with specially designed glasses — and no restrictions on content. The 3D glasses come with in-ear headphones, so viewers can hear their separate audio source.

(Credit: CBSi)

Like the 75-inch ES900 Smart TV, the ES9500 OLED model has a pop-up camera for gesture-controlled applications.

Philip Newton, head of Audio Visual at Samsung Australia, said that, when it arrives in Australia, the ES9500 will be less than AU$10,000. "We are doing everything we can to have it on sale in Australia prior to Christmas," he said.

Lexy Savvides attended IFA as a guest of Samsung.

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Wondering when Amoled TVs hit the market production, few years and we will see it too,-)

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