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Samsung M300 Simpsons phone

In conjunction with Twentieth Century Fox, Samsung has released a limited edition version of its M300 mobile phone to promote The Simpsons Movie.

Available for a reasonable AU$129, "The Simpsons phone" is an entry level handset and absolutely tiny to hold, weighing only 65 grams and measuring a petite 80 by 40 by 16.7 millimetres.

The bright yellow tri-band phone has an FM radio, a VGA camera, but not much else. We found a Homer-inspired "Woohoo!" ringtone and five Simpsons-themed wallpapers when we ducked into the settings.

The internal colour screen is fairly low-res at 128 by 160 pixels; there's also an external screen showing the time and caller ID.

Samsung bundles a stereo headset -- which sounded okay during our quick play -- in the box. Also included is a flashing Homer badge which lights up when a message or call comes through.

The Samsung-ma-phone is available now through retailers including Optus World, Big W, Kmart, Allphones, Target, Strathfield, Dick Smith Electronics and other retailers.

Samsung M300 Simpsons phone

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-JackStarr. posted a comment   

Where do you buy it from cause im like addicted to simpsons so i wanna buy it.


Deni posted a reply   

i bought mine at an optus shop but it was a limited edition i dont think they sel it anymore ive had it for a year now


luc**** posted a comment   

i had this phone before it is the bomb


Bob. x posted a comment   

I`ve had this phone for 6 months and it`s in perfect condition, even though it`s fallen M510hen bike riding and been run over by the bike. a few scratches but other than that it was fine.
Mike : If it broke in your pocket you must have been doing something that could have easily damaged it like hit it with something hard.


chris posted a comment   

I love this phone, have had it for over a year and in great condition. It's a fantastic size, but can I download a Simpson's theme ringtone for this phone anywhere?? Thanks


joanne posted a comment   

i think its great, but im looking for a usb cable & software to download my photo's. i lost all software. and looking for something to help get my pictures off. is there any free software


Kelsey posted a comment   

I have this phone & its pretty good.

I wish it had bluetooth though.
& it randomly deletes all my pictures.

The camera could be better & the keys are hard to push [but only if you have acrylics]

But I've had worse phones,
this one is just a basic phone.

If you dont want all the fancy things, this is a really good phone for you.


Aijucis posted a comment   

I want will Simpson`phone but i dont now were i can hevit ?


newperson posted a comment   

Hi. i got the phone a day ago as a bday present from my parents- i hate yellow but since its simpsons i took it.. but now im kinda having second thoughts- does it really suck that bad- would it be embarrising carring it around? +.+
i need to know- im 15 btw.


john prasad posted a reply   

its a cool fone i have one

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