Samsung Omnia

In terms of features the Omnia stands out as one of the best smartphones to date. It's a shame this doesn't translate into a phone we'd enjoy using from day to day.

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User Reviews / Comments  Samsung Omnia

  • haunted



    "Please don't waste your time purchasing this phone. The interface is the worst I've ever seen, not user friendly at all! Functions are complex and require time and patience to work them out, not a ..."

  • dontbuydisfone


    "my dad bought me this phone for my birthday, not even 2 months later and im sick of it. i lost the stylus, super-sensitive touchscreeen, and texting is so slow my friends think ive gone offline. tr..."

  • luke



    "Very slow, complex navigation, Email is very time intensive to attach files. the screen is very pretty but the camera is crappy after owning a nokia n95. its heavy and bulky but its tough, i have..."

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