Samsung opens Australian Customer Service Plazas

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Samsung's Melbourne Customer Service Plaza (Credit: Samsung)

While Panasonic is busy boosting its customer service capabilities through Twitter, Samsung is taking a more old school route by opening seven "Customer Service Plazas" (CSP) across Australia.

Two CSPs are already open in Melbourne and Darwin, with Perth and Brisbane due to open their doors by November. Two in Sydney and one in Adelaide are on the plans for early next year.

It's costing the company $3 million to take this more face-to-face approach, as each CSP will house state-of-the-art testing and service areas for Samsung products. Those waiting for on-the-spot repairs can grab a coffee and browse the internet at cafes in the waiting area. They will also accommodate customer service admin offices and training facilities for retailers.

The facilities are set up to handle service for AV and IT products and some Samsung white goods. (Credit: Samsung)

Samsung is contracting third-party providers in each location to conduct the servicing on its behalf. But in case you can't front up to one of these centres, the company says it has increased staff numbers by 40 per cent in its national call centre based in Homebush, NSW.

Confirmed Samsung Customer Service Plaza locations:

Melbourne (open)
2/137 Rooks Road
Vermont, VIC 3133

Darwin (open)
Lot 8909 Tang Street
Coconut Grove, NT 0810

Perth (under construction)
990 Mordaunt Circuit
Canningvale, WA 6155

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RishiS posted a comment   

This is the worst service plaza that I could have ever experienced, with worse staff. I bought a samsung washing which started giving rusty stains on my clothes just after 1 moonth of buying and when the delivery guys came to pick up the faulty unit, they broke our tap and we complained for them to Samsung. Anyhow, they fixed the unit and delivered it back to us. But AFTER ANOTHER 1 month, it gave similar problems again. And when the same delivery guys came to pick up the unit this time, they RACIALLY ATTACKED me. Its been 4 months now and I am still struggling to get this sorted. Have called Samsung million times, but they do not have any solution. And now when I asked the service centre to send some other guys this time to return the washing machine, they rudely said that they have only those 2 guys. I fail to understand that such a big service plaza has ONLY 2 delivery guys???? Still waiting on an answer from Samsung and service plaza both.


not happy posted a comment   

hey Daniel, i have the same problem my LED panel went funny rang plaza sent tech guy out and said he will order new panel, and install when comes in, get call today about panel it will cost $3880.83 to repair, my LED is only 1yr and 2months old, i said how can this happen to a $6k high tech tele theyb said ring samsung and work it out with them \, mmmmmmmm. So how did u go with ur prob?. Thanks Danny..


danielsofoulis01 posted a comment   

Had an issue with with my lcd screen although the issue is not yet resolved yet, the customer service of the help center and the tech's V.P. have been excellent and have been helpful in resolving the issue. Now it's on to head office to see if they can resolve the issue. I'll keep you guys posted. posted a comment   

All around the world, in big and welknown companies it has been seen that the customer services are provided perfectly and it has been realized that CUSTOMER is the most valuable asset for the organization but its interesting to see how Samsung Co. here in Australia sepcially in Melbourne DO not realize this concept and truth. As a University lecturer and one of the Samsung Company's customers, I have to realize this point that UNFORTUNATELY Samsung's Customer Service Plaza in Vermont, Melbourne is not reliable. With its disgrace management system and very inpolite manager I would not continue to be treated in a way that is not respectful. I am sorry for this company and I hope that they would realize this point that if I, as a customer turn my back to YOUR company, in a short and long period of time means negative turnovers for Samsung and positive turnovers for Companies such as Sony. Good Luck With your Management System as I dont think that you would really succeed with what you are doing. Bye


SonjaH posted a comment   

I just wanted to add my own horrible experience with Samsung Plaza in Melbourne. I have been trying to get my 50" Plasma fixed for a month. I've had three techs come out in that time, and Samsung Plaza took the tv for a week. All three techs tell me the screen needs replacing. But the "head' tech denies the order request. The tech that was here on Friday showed me the work order where the head tech had crossed out the second techs part request. The third tech apparently adjusted the voltages of the tv making the problem worse. I have been told the pascreen has now been ordered and will be 5-10 days. I've tried on several occasions to speak to a manager at Samsung Plaza. I was fobbed off to Kirsty, who is apparently a manager. I believe her to be just another worker in their call center, as she answers the phones.
Kirsty has promised to get back to me twice now and has failed to do so. The store where I bought the television from will not refund or exchange until Samsung authorises them to. Tomorrow I will be writing letters of deman to both Samsung and the store. I want a new tv within the next few weeks. NEVER EVER buy Samsung. Their service is just horrible and so are their products. Like others I will be speaking up about the poor service I've recieved wherever I can. Honestly the arrogance of their repair service is disgusting.


Housewife posted a comment   

NEVER NEVER NEVER deal with Samsung Customer Service Plaza in Melbourne again ... Unreliable, lenghty delays, unprofessinal and arrogant management which refuses to acknowledge my situation with a faulty fridge and lost produce whilst I am trying to run a family home econmically. If this is the example of who is at the top of the tree then I pity her workers, let alone us the customer !!


feminist101 posted a comment   

Dear Australian TV,

I would just like to approach you as I have been highly offended by many ads that have been placed on television. I have found that many cleaning and insurance ads that are subjected on TV. I have found that the majority of the ads are extremely sexiest and as a feminist I will not sit by and subject myself and my family to such sexism. In this day and age I expect for technology to promote equality. Woman can do anything a male can and if we as Australians are going to promote to young girls views of the 1950s and their place is in the kitchen and home.

Kind regards


Lee posted a comment   

I will never buy another Samsung product. The shelves in my fridge are made of plastic and do not have the strength to hold the weight of regular food items. At great expense I have replaced the items only to have them crack. The first lot cracked while under warranty which tells you something anyway. Can't wait to be rid of this one and only Samsung product.


Patrina posted a comment   



Patrina posted a comment   

Further to my previous rantings ;)
... I lodged a complaint with DOCEPS who tried to resolve the situation. Unfortunately Samsung will not budge, so I am now ready to take the matter to court. I don't care how much it costs me - I am absolutely determined to prove a point. How SARE Samsung withdraw money from my credit card without my permission, and think they can get away with it!

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