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Thanks for the memories  July 26, 2012

Samsung planning a pint-sized Galaxy S3?

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Samsung's latest launch invitation in German.
(Credit: GSMArena)

Samsung Mobile's German arm is to host a launch event next week, and has hinted at a smaller Galaxy S model in its invitation.

According to GSMArena, the invitation includes the Yoda-esque line, "So big can be small. And so small can be big.". The keen observer will quickly realise that this doesn't make a bit of sense, but those who read between the lines are guessing that this is a hint at a smaller version of the popular Galaxy S3.

If Samsung is planning a smaller sized handset with the same top-shelf hardware as the GS3, we'll be all for it. If the iPhone's success is evident of anything, it's that some people don't want large phones, and we love that Motorola is already aiming in at this direction with its Razr M handset. Smaller screens typically offer better battery life, too, which is a big plus.

Whatever Samsung is planning, we'll know the full details on 11 October 11.


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DamienC1 posted a comment   

I hope they don't make it thinner. That's just asking for a lawsuit.

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