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Thanks for the memories  July 26, 2012

Samsung prepping Galaxy Tab with Retina-like display?

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If the rumours are accurate, Samsung will beat Apple to a tablet with a Retina-like resolution display next year.

According to information on Boy Genius Report, Samsung is working on an 11.6-inch-screen Android tablet with a 2560x1600 resolution. Interestingly, the originator of the rumour is saying that the tablet won't be much bigger than the 10.1-inch model in market now, and that Samsung will shrink the size of the screen's bezel to accommodate the larger display size.

The tablet will apparently run on the Google Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) build of Android, and will feature Android Beam to share content with other NFC-enabled ICS Android devices. Under the hood, Samsung will use a dual-core 2GHz Exynos chipset.

Here's hoping we don't see a repeat of the legal back and forth that delayed the Galaxy Tab 10.1 so significantly this year. Samsung is expected to launch the new tablet at Mobile World Congress at the end of February next year, alongside the Galaxy S III.


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Yoda7 posted a comment   

If Samsung and Apple can offer high-res panels on tablets, why can't they offer decent resolution panels on laptops and ultrabooks?


SeanW4 posted a reply   

Yoda just connect your new Hi-res tab to a keyboard then you have what you want. only less able to burn dvd's :)


Dunners posted a comment   

Motorola said the same thing about GPRS
Samsung say the same about the Galaxy line
Nokia, Kodak etc...etc...

Defending your ideas is one thing suing the competition to make a monopoly is another.


Dsonyman posted a comment   

If you spent all your time and money on a concept. Then someone comes out with something that is basically a copy. I am sure you would be upset . Then you come out with Retina display and next you here they are copying that also. I would think you would be like hold up wait a minute don't you have any ideas of your own.


peter patina posted a reply   

You do realize that Samsung makes Apples screens and other assorted things for the guts of it. Apple has no more right to retina screens than anyone else. Infact the term retina for a screen with a certain amount of pixels is just made up by Apple. Pixels per inch is a evolutionary thing. Pixels will far exeed than what we have right now. Noeone owns them.


mark posted a comment   

What tony said..


tonythepony posted a comment   
United States

Of course Apple is going to sue Samsung for putting out this tablet first. That's what Apple is all about, removing the competition so they don't have to be innovative with their products. If they win, they can continue to sell everyone half the features for twice the price and all the Angry Apple fanboys will think they're cool because they paid a lot of money for it. Then the Angry Apple Fanboys will go on to troll anyone who doesn't use Apple products. Do you expect anything to change?


SeanW4 posted a reply   

Well said Tony

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