Samsung promises to investigate 'burned up' Galaxy S III

Samsung has promised to investigate claims of a Galaxy S III (GS3) burning up and melting in Ireland.

This GS3 handset was in a car mount when its owner heard a bang.

"There have been recent online posts displaying pictures of a Samsung Galaxy S III that appears to have heat-related damage at the bottom of the device," the company wrote yesterday on its official blog. "Samsung is aware of this issue, and will begin investigating as soon as we receive the specific product in question."

An Ireland-based forum poster yesterday published images on, showing what appears to be a GS3 with burns along the bottom. According to the poster, "dillo2k10", the device was sitting in a "car mount, when suddenly a white flame sparks and a bang came out of the phone". The device, the forum poster said, "burned from the inside out", and melted its case. Interestingly, the phone kept working, but had lost its signal.

"The phone was destroyed, and it slightly burned a piece of plastic on the inside of my car," the person wrote. "And they are refusing to give me a replacement; they had to send it off. Probably nothing I can do, but I'm really annoyed. That could have burned the side of my face or through my pocket and my leg, or set fire to my bed. It's very dangerous."

Samsung's GS3 has quickly become one of the most sought-after iPhone 4S alternatives on the market.

Samsung said today that it will provide more details on the heat issue, once its investigation into the matter is complete, adding that it's taking the issue "seriously".


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StuartT posted a comment   

well at least it didn't explode in the guys face like an iphone


Trixalator posted a comment   

Probably charging off a $1 cigarette lighter that pushes all sorts of voltages at the phone...


PeteG. posted a comment   

I've had my sgs3 for two weeks now .. I push it pretty hard at work and after work with gaming and so on .. never once has it even gotten hot .. so I can only imagine this is an isolated incident.


PeteG. posted a reply   

Also .. this dude has his s3 in a car mount .. in my experience last year with my sgs2 I was driving and suddenly the phone gave me a high temperature warning so I quickly pulled over and took it out of the dash mount. Obviously the sun coming through the dash was frying the phone which is why I never dash mount my phone unless its late in the afternoon or evening anymore. This is the likely reason why his phone blew up.


Will1505 posted a comment   

We knew the S3 was hot but not that hot lol

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