Samsung pulls Galaxy Tab 7.7 from show

Samsung has yanked its Galaxy Tab 7.7 tablet from the show floor at the IFA consumer-electronics confab in Berlin, after Apple received an injunction against the device to go with an earlier ban on sales and marketing of the larger Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Germany.


Attendees examined Samsung's Galaxy Tab 7.7 tablet at the IFA show in Berlin on Friday. The device has since been pulled from the company's booth.
(Credit: Stephen Shankland/CNET)

Intellectual-property blog Foss Patents reported the news of the removal, speculating that it had to do with the 10.1 injunction or a newly issued ban specific to the 7.7. Bloomberg confirmed the issuance of the 7.7 ban. The 7.7 had been on display at IFA on Friday bearing a sticker that read "Not for sale in Germany".

According to Bloomberg, Samsung representative James Chung said the ban on the 7.7 was issued on Friday. "Samsung respects the court's decision," the news service quoted Chung as saying, adding that he said Samsung believes the court order "severely limits consumer choice in Germany". Bloomberg said Apple did not immediately comment.

Apple was granted the preliminary injunction on sales of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 last month by a court in Dusseldorf. The ban originally applied to nearly all European Union countries, but the court later limited the injunction's scope to just Germany, saying it had no jurisdiction over other nations.

Apple claims Samsung ripped off technology and design details from the iPad in developing the Galaxy Tab (which Samsung denies), and the two companies have been engaged in a sue-me, sue-you struggle.

Foss Patents also reported on Saturday that Samsung had removed the Galaxy Tab 7.7 from its German website. And blog This Is My Next posted before-and-after photos showing that Samsung had scraped 7.7-related decals from its IFA booth.

In Australia, Samsung has delayed the release of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 to the end of September, as it battles Apple in the Federal Court over claims its tablet devices is infringing on Apple patents.


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Kimba posted a comment   

I've had a gut full of apple-and I'm an owner. Some great products but way too much resources wasted on useless legal eagles instead of r&d. I'll be spending elsewhere in future...


jellyphant posted a comment   

omg why does apple have to act like a b.... that can't handle life?


Will1505 posted a comment   

ohhhhh FFS. see samsung are starting to be different and come up with new ideas, new screen sizes, and apple get pissy because they didn't come up with it first.
But you know what, samsung have shown they can come up with new ideas and beat apple at their own game, the galaxy 2 is proof of that.
i'm going to love it when samsung stop making components for apple and the quality of apple's products drop.

lastly, i wonder how apple will modify a picture of a 7.7 inch tablet look like a 9.7 inch ipod (i know what i said).
or even better, changing the 5.3 inch samsung note to look like a iphone


peter patina posted a comment   

I'm with you. Apple is like the spoilt child who wants to take the ball home so noone can play.Can we all take a class action fight to stop Apple being ****


EwanM posted a comment   

Why is this happening? I don't even own any Apple products, nor do I intend on buying any. This is all fine but now they are stopping products which I am interested in being sold. So Apple is managing to control my purchasing decisions without me even owning a single one of their overpriced and overhyped products.
Talk about a facist cult.


ADSLNerd posted a reply   

Unfortunately, its all because of Patents and other legal issues.

Put yourself in Apple's shoes for a day, you design and manufacture a product, where the majority of components are supplied by your competition Samsung. Samsung then make their own devices which are almost identical visually (trade dress), with a different OS and almost identical visuals on screen, which are too close for comfort to Apple's products - in the end you have Apple vs Samsung and yet both rely on each other to make similar devices.

How would you like it if someone (Samsung) was almost directly borrowing your design / ideas and profiteering from it, but just with a different OS that looks remarkably like iOS - wouldn't you be really peeved as well? Samsung need to be more creative, and alter their trade dress on their devices as each one looks like an Apple clone as they are too similar visually. All these designs (software and hardware) are mostly covered under patents which are scrutinised very heavily by the USPTO and other organisations.

Apple is protecting what they create, and yes it may be heavy handed but when a your biggest supplier of components is making almost identical products to sell beside your own, I bet you would be very concerned as well. This is why Apple is considering shifting its main component supplier away from Samsung to TSMC (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company) to shift reliance away from Samsung and to proven these issues in future.


anysia posted a reply   

Hogwash. Apple wasn't the first designer of tablets, and if you look at all the other tablets they are all pretty much the same design.

The only reason Apple is going after Samsung is that Samsung was making inroads in Apple's profits by making a great Android tablet at a lower cost.

Apple's behavior is just like what Microsoft used to do. Sue anyone that dares to compete.


Dunners posted a reply   

"you design and manufacture a product" - Samsung manufactures more of Apples product than Apple does.
"which are almost identical visually" - of all the android tablets out there the Samsung products look the least like the iPad. Even the HP touchpad looks closer to the iPad than any Galaxy tab.
"yet both rely on each other" actually Apple relies on Samsung, they tried to leave Samung for LG. However LG couldn't keep up with production and quality hence Apple had no choice but to use Samsung again. If tomorrow Apple said they would never use Samsung again, Samsung would lose 8 Billion dollars, Apple would lose the iPad & iPhone due to lack of screens and components.
"with a different OS that looks remarkably like iOS" please explain to me how honeycomb (if you've ever even used it) looks/feels/operates like iOS? it couldn't be any less like iOS if it tried. Then we can have a look about how Apple is "borrowing (your) design / ideas" such as the notification tab from android.
"Apple is protecting what they create" - this statement I agree with. Apple should protect what they create however they should go after the companies that are actually copying apples design/look/feel. How the 7.7" honeycomb running rectangular Samsung tab is similar to the iPad and it's 9.7" square, iOS running tablet i have no idea.
"This is why Apple is considering shifting its main component supplier away from Samsung to TSMC" - Apple is trying to move away cos Samsung will soon be eating away at their market share.

Yes companies should be able to protect thier designs, however companies shouldn't sue other companys just to stop them from releasing a product that is better than the one they have.

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