Samsung, Qualcomm push for wireless charging

Wireless charging isn't new, but the technology will soon get a new push from large industry players like Samsung and Qualcomm.

(Credit: Samsung)

At the International CTIA Wireless exhibition in New Orleans on Monday, the two companies announced the formation of the Alliance for Wireless Power (AWP). The organisation will "promote global standardisation of a wireless power transfer technology" by fostering an industry dialogue and developing product testing, certification and regulatory compliance processes.

Qualcomm first delved into wireless power three years ago, when it announced the WiPower wireless charging system, and Samsung said last week that it may deliver a wireless charging accessory with its new Galaxy S III.

Unlike the Qi technology, promoted by the Wireless Power Consortium, the AWP hopes to develop a product that can transfer power through non-metallic surfaces. It envisions a single unit placed anywhere, from a table to a car dashboard, that could charge low-power devices like a Bluetooth headset, and hungrier gadgets, like tablets.


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Im Batman posted a comment   

AWP... so close to AMP... lol.

Looking foward to seeing how this technology plays out.
wireless power still seems slightly more unsettling than other wireless signals/mediums/

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