Samsung raises design bar with Series 9 laptop

One of last year's most head-turning laptops, the Samsung Series 9, is back, with an even slimmer, sleeker look.

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surgikill posted a comment   

hi everyone, these laptops have had more problems than any other laptop i've ever used.
1. stores do not stock replacement power adapters, (all online stores have sold out) we have had to order from overseas, and then delays etc.
2. massive underproduction of micro-hdmi to vga adapters, basically impossible to find and don't work with projectors.
3. poor wifi range
4. badly manufactured panels, crack easily
5. port for power cable is dodgy as, cables now barely stay in, have to fiddle around to get it charging.
6. customer support are being very unhelpful.
7. heaps of driver faults.

We have two of these devices and stand out among the 30 or so computers here as being the no 1 problem.


CampbellS posted a comment   

Lets hope that ultrabook manufactures realise this year that charging over 1500 dollars for a 13 inch is stupid. Over that price your're getting into alienware high performance price range. The battery life is the only thing high performance in ultrabooks,. Justifying the other 1500 dolalrs on slim good looks and a pretty screen will not do it.
Personally paying over 1500 dollars for an ultra book is a no no.


LawrenceS posted a comment   

This makes me feel crap for paying almost $2,000 for the original Series 9...

No hidden ports... Great move by Samsung...


Djet2003 posted a reply   

Samsung has a bad habit of doing that sort of stuff. I purchased a Galaxy Tab 7 @ $1000 and 4 months down the track it was reduce down to $400 THANKS SAMSUNG

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