Samsung reveals more details about its OLED TV

Samsung is drumming up publicity for its upcoming ES9500 OLED TV, with a sneak preview of the new panel at the 2012 World's Fair in Korea.

To further impress the crowd, the chaebol (Korean for conglomerate) has also released fresh details on the 55-inch TV, including Smart Dual View technology. This nifty function allows two users to watch different 2D programs simultaneously, while wearing 3D glasses — similar to the feature that will do the rounds on this year's top-of-the-range LG TVs.

Other noteworthy features include Smart Interaction (voice-, motion- and face-recognition controls) and Smart Evolution (for upgrading the TV's hardware).

Performance-wise, you can expect a 20 per cent improvement in colour reproduction, compared with its current LED-lit panels. According to the Associated Press, the ES9500 will be launched in the second half of 2012, and will retail for about US$9000.

Via Engadget and CNET Asia

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Rick22 posted a comment   

....comment got chopped... In particular, the LCD/LED model range seems to start at nearly 4K and go down to mid 2's for what looks like the same, thin silver bezel TV. Would love to know the differences and where the feature / value sweet spot is.


Rick22 posted a comment   

Does Cnet have an idea of when the current Samsung range just new in stores will be avail for testing? With the 7000 thin bezel getting such positive feedback last year it would be nice to know if the new range resets the bar again.

In particular, the LCD/LED model range seems to start at nearly 4K


Konnect posted a comment   

Am I the only one who still has doubts about the 'Smart TV' trend? The television just doesn't seem like a product with enough turnover and redundancy cycles to offer 'smart' applications.


alexeiw123 posted a comment   

how does the dual view feature handle sound? two headphone sockets? BT?

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