Samsung sells 3 million Galaxy Note 2 phones in first month

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Samsung has announced an impressive first month of international sales for the Galaxy Note 2, selling 3 million units in 30 days.

(Credit: Samsung)

More surprising is that these sales were made in only a few markets, primarily South Korea and the UK. Samsung is rolling out the Note 2 in more regions throughout November, importantly into the US on all four major networks, so it will be interesting to track sales of these larger phones again at the end of the current month.

These figures make the launch of the sequel three times more successful than the original Galaxy Note, which took 90 days to reach the same milestone. This itself was an impressive achievement, given how divisive Samsung's 5.3-inch "phablet" was among tech circles.

Samsung will officially launch the Galaxy Note 2 in Australia on 14 November, with in-store dates and pricing to be announced at this event.

The Galaxy Note 2 is the latest Samsung smartphone to have a screen in excess of 5 inches. This model pushes farther than previous models, with a 5.5-inch display and a quad-core processor. It comes with Samsung's S Pen stylus accessory for taking handwritten notes and drawings, and launches on the Android Jelly Bean platform.

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PhilippaO posted a comment   

waiting, waiting, waiting....when is the Note 2 coming to Australia?


AnthonyF1 posted a comment   

I got mine for the size of the display. I did all my browsing and reading on the original note and hardly used my laptop. Hence I really had only one option for an upgrade, the note2. The pen is useful to take screen shots and annotate. I also use the pen to quickly scribble done notes art work. The new s note app has a really good meeting template and I jot down minutes of the meeting. I use Swype instead of handwriting with the pen. One cool feature I've discovered is that you can add a handwritten signature on all your email's. Works only through the native mail client though.On a nut shell, I've never been happier with a phone!


ozoneocean posted a comment   

The phones really aren't as big in the hand as you'd think. After a very short time the size becomes totally natural. That said- I bought mine because it's perfect for art, you can do fantastic pictures with the pressure sensitive stylus, with 2 gig of memory it really is fast and able for that- but I'm not too sure what the appeal is to non-artists. Maybe being able to see the web and photos at large size? It's certainly better for books.


Will1505 posted a reply   

Don't forget the cool factor. Personally i got it because of the battery, the original note i'm talking about though. The size makes texting a lot easier too

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