Samsung Series 9 (NP900X3A)

Samsung's Series 9 is a gorgeously thin piece of equipment, which would be great for any traveller looking for something light, thin and portable. If the MacBook Air is out of the question due to OS X, this may be your next port of call — just be prepared to pay a bit more.

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User Reviews / Comments  Samsung Series 9 (NP900X3A)

  • TechGirl666



    "I bought this laptop on a whim, incorrectly labelled at a bargain price (8MB RAM, 256GB SSD version). Even with researched purchases I usually get disappointed quickly, so I expected buyer's remors..."

  • Ranadheer



    Fast and great looking.
    Feels good to hold, Solid build..
    Bad: touch pad can be too sensitive."

  • surgikill



    "hi everyone, these laptops have had more problems than any other laptop i've ever used.
    1. stores do not stock replacement power adapters, (all online stores have sold out) we have had to ord..."

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