Samsung shows off Youm flexible display

Samsung showed off a new flexible display technology called Youm during its Consumer Electronics Show (CES) keynote.

Microsoft's Eric Rudder demos a prototype of how a Windows Phone would look using a Youm display.
(Credit: James Martin/CNET)

During the keynote address, company executives talked up Youm, which is designed to bring out better colours and contrast with a super-thin form factor, using OLED display technology.

Brian Berkeley, the senior vice president of Samsung's display lab in San Jose, California, held up a prototype of a phone with one of the displays, which is bent around the side of the phone, allowing you to see updates on the side as well. The technology will let the company's partners make bendable, rollable and foldable displays, he said.

Flexible display technology has been cooking at Samsung for a while now — the company showed off a display prototype, sans phone, at CES 2011. Samsung slapped the Youm brand name on the technology early last year.

(Credit: James Martin/CNET)

Other companies are dabbling in similar efforts to produce bendy displays. LG and Nokia have also recently demonstrated flexible prototypes for smartphones and tablets.

Samsung showed a concept video of just how flexible Youm displays could be. The video started out with three actors in a coffee shop, one of whom folds up his high-tech wallet phone-thing — imagine a tablet that folds like a bifold wallet. Another one breaks out a tablet that rolls out from something the size of a handheld voice recorder.

Microsoft's chief technical strategy officer, Eric Rudder, then came on stage to demo a prototype of how a Windows Phone would look using a Youm display.

"Man, that's neat," my colleague Josh Lowensohn, who was in the audience, wrote in our live blog from the Samsung event. "Just running through a demo video on the device itself, but it looks absolutely eye-popping from 100 feet away."


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