Samsung smart TVs with 'watch anywhere' video and Flash

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Samsung has announced its smart televisions will integrate with its mobile devices, offering cloud-based video content and support for Flash.

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The president of Samsung's Visual Display business, BK Yoon, announced several new services at its keynote at CES in US-based deals for subscriptions without the need of a set-top box with Time Warner and Comcast, which is similar to Foxtel's recent deal with Xbox 360.

Samsung announced its Smart TVs will support Flash and Air content, allowing movies and games to be viewed and also shared between TVs and Samsung mobile devices.

The company was well prepared for the future with cloud content services such as Xfinity, which enables users to stop playback on one device and resume again from the same spot on another device.

"We at Samsung are breaking down the wall between devices and empowering consumers. Customers will be able to share a variety of content on any one of Samsung's networked family of products," Yoon said.

According to Yoon, the integration of web- and cloud-based services meant that "once again" the television will become "the central and dominant piece of technology in human life".

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