Samsung teases innovative TV tech for CES 2013

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The Aussie-shot video suggests that Samsung is trying a very unusual TV design for 2013.

Samsung's teaser image for the new TV design.
(Credit: Samsung)

With the bell on the pre-Consumer Electronic Show (CES) publicity round being rung, Samsung has come out swinging with a teaser video and blog post hinting at a very unusual take on TV design.

The blog post shows an image of the TV that looks sideways — taller than it is wide. The image also appears to show the background behind the TV, suggesting to some commentators that the design might have translucent elements.

The caption for the image is a little vague: "A true innovation of TV design is coming up with an unprecedented new TV shape and timeless gallery design".

The accompanying video has a variety of 16:9 TVs jumping cabs and buses to see the new TV at CES — or rather, the Sydney State Theatre, as the video was rather clearly shot in Australia, with Sydney rather bizarrely standing in for Las Vegas.

We'll be in attendance at CES 2013, and we'll update with information about Samsung's strange new TV as it comes to hand.

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B_Chapman posted a comment   

Will we see the return of Ty Pendlebury covering CES this year?

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