Samsung to bundle Foxtel HD+ with TVs

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Samsung is set to announce a bundling promotion of a free Foxtel iQ2 box with its new TVs in order to compete with Sony's new PS3-and-Bravia deal.

Samsung is expected to pay the AU$200 installation cost to Foxtel customers buying one of its HD TVs, according to The Australian.

"We are extremely excited about our partnership with Foxtel and hope to further cement Samsung's leadership in HD," Samsung Electronics director of marketing Kurt Jovais told The Australian.

However, this promotion seems to contradict the existing iQ2 promotion offering customers who sign up before August 31 a chance to win a 40-inch Sony X series TV and DAVIS10 system.

At present, there is no further information about which models are applicable for the promotion or how customers without access to Foxtel would benefit.

The deal is due to be announced next week at a time when Seven will also be announcing the introduction of its TiVo service.

Foxtel's HD+ service was soft launched on June 2 and over 15,000 customers had been installed by the time of the official launch on June 22.

Representatives from Samsung and Foxtel were unavailable for comment.

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philn posted a comment   

I hope the new TV's don't have the lip sync and other problems the Samsung L46F8 TV's have with the Foxtel IQ/STB.


davowez posted a comment   

the deal is foxtel or blue ray dvd - rrp699 - perhaps a sweeter deal


garyb posted a comment   

could not agree more - foxtel were already offering free installationso Samsung have missed the boat with that offer. And the major concern is , who in these hard economic times wants to pay an ongoing monthly fee to foxtel . Sony offer is a much better deal - you screw the dealers down on price for the lcd / plasma, then get the PS3 via redemption.Only hope they have learnt to look after customers better than the first time around.


tech nerd posted a comment   

they'll only pay the installation costs? fxtel have nearly always advertised abt "free installation" - without having to buy a hefty-priced TV with it...supposed 2 rival sony's sweet deal? bearing in mind the freebies, i'd definitely opt 4 the no-subscription-required PS3

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