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Thanks for the memories  July 26, 2012

Samsung to reveal next Galaxy info at 9pm tonight

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Samsung has sent out a tweet reading "Destination: tgeltaayehxnx", driving interested parties to a countdown clock using the jumbled letters, an anagram for "the next Galaxy".

The countdown will expire at 9pm AEST tonight.

The micro-site promises "the next step", suggesting that Samsung intends to drip-feed information about its upcoming flagship smartphone in the week before its official unveiling in London on 3 May.

This tactic seems to working so far, with speculation around what Samsung has in store reaching Apple-like proportions over the past few weeks. Several sources have claimed to have "exclusive" images of the next phone; however, given that each image looks different to the last, this is unlikely. This has led others to assume that Samsung is housing the internals of the new phone in dummy cases during this testing period, again another strategy employed by Apple.

Our sister site CNET UK is urging fans to limit their expectations, with a source close to the London-based team suggesting that the next Galaxy will be an incremental hardware update. The most recent Galaxy rumour suggests that Samsung intends to launch an iCloud competitor next week, allowing customers to sync important content from their handset to the cloud, and have that data sync across a number of connected devices.

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