Samsung transparent LCD panel hands on

The shopping experience is getting more Minority Report-like by the day, what with innovations like digital billboards that know your age and gender and serve up ads accordingly.

Samsung transparent LCD

The clear screen in front of the Samsung Galaxy Tab is actually a transparent LCD panel.
(Credit: Josh Miller/CNET)

Now Samsung is looking to buy into the future of retail space with a transparent LCD panel that can be used to dramatically enhance kiosks, store windows and billboards with text and images that do fancy tricks, like rotate and fade in and out, rather than just sit there. Think bus shelters with see-through walls displaying scrolling schedules, and clothing shop windows that feature models sashaying down the catwalk.

Recently in San Francisco, the company showed CNET a 22-inch transparent LCD panel built into a display case housing a Samsung Galaxy Tab. That 22-inch panel has already gone into production, with a 46-inch unit on the way.

During the demo, the 7-inch Tab sat behind a window-like facade programmed to display text and images spotlighting some of the product's specs and social-networking capabilities. Bill Beaton, senior manager of LCD marketing for Samsung, even did a little hand dance behind the rotating imagery to demonstrate the panel's high transparency rate.

The panels come in black-and-white and colour versions, and have a contrast ratio of 500:1 with 1680x1050 resolution. They are HDMI- and USB-enabled, and utilise ambient light, such as sunlight, thus reducing their dependence on electricity.

This is not Samsung's first stab at transparency, as its IceTouch YP-H1 MP3 player (not available in Australia) sports a transparent touchscreen. Other companies, including LG, Sony Ericsson and Korean materials maker NeoView Kolon, have ventured into transparent-technology territory, as well.

Samsung mostly views its transparent panels as a tool to make advertising more dynamic, and says that it's already working with unnamed retail partners interested in using them that way. But it also imagines them as potential interactive communication devices for corporations and schools.

Beyond those applications, Beaton showed a cool image of an office building made multicoloured by smart windows using the transparent panels, but that's just a concept at this point. Still, we're suddenly imagining "mood houses" that sport yellow windows when inhabitants feel happy, and blue windows when they're bummed.

Samsung transparent LCD

And now for something different.
(Credit: Josh Miller/CNET)


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Tommy12 posted a comment   
United States

All the electronic companies are in hurry to introduce their transparent LCD, but Samsung launched the worlds first transparent LCD which is touch screen. Now you can use the touchscreen feature of the Samsung Smart window to use its in built apps . Only TapTL sells it online to their customers.


zeds_place posted a comment   

I think apple might already have a very descriptive patent on "rectilinear see thru panel that displays stuff".

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