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Nic Healey can usually be found on a couch muttering about aspect ratios and 7.1 channel sound - which is helpful given that he's the home entertainment guy at CNET.

Night owls and home entertainment fanatics take note: in the wee small hours of tomorrow morning, Samsung will be unveiling "what's next in home entertainment".

(Screenshot by Shara Tibken/CNET)

The event is taking place in New York, where it will be the far more reasonable time of midday on Tuesday, 13 August.

CNET's David Katzmaier, Ty Pendlebury, Sarah Tew and Shara Tibken will be on the ground in New York to bring you all the live news, photos and commentary from the event. You can follow along via our Samsung Live Blog URL or via the ScribbleLive embed below.

The invite offers few hints, but the big money is on an announcement on OLED TV. LG made a splash in Australia earlier this year, when it made a commitment to sell a curved OLED TV panel locally by the end of 2013.

OLED TV screens have been a headache for manufacturers for some time now, with major issues around manufacturing yield and lifespan of the panels.

If Samsung does reveal an OLED panel, it's likely to be a curved one, with both it and LG telling CNET that they have no plans to sell a flat OLED TV outside of Korea.

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