Samsung UA55D8000

The Samsung UA55D8000 is a superbly realised TV, which combines cutting-edge design with top-of-the-heap picture performance.

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User Reviews / Comments  Samsung UA55D8000

  • arci


    "I don't think its the best LED or Plasma TV. Though it is not available in Australia, the Sharp/Pioneer Elite LED TV scored 10 out 10 in performance in It will put all LED TVs in shame. ..."

  • LewReg


    "The Good: Design and motion.

    The Bad: After watching a documentary called "Home" i noticed the D8000 had a nasty looking heat wave effect.. Especially in the 2nd chapter and in any sce..."

  • Mikeymike


    "Where do I buy the UA55D8000 Plasma ,or is it still to be released in Australia"

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