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The promised Smart Evolution Kit for select Samsung 2012 TVs has finally been shown off in the US.

The Smart Evolution Kit will completely update the Smart TV experience of select 2012 Samsung TVs to 2013's interface and processing power.
(Credit: Samsung)

Back in April 2012, Samsung announced that a select number of its 2012 Smart TV range would be upgradable. The Smart Evolution Kit would be a system-on-a-chip upgrade for the TVs, enhancing the hardware and image processing capability simply by sliding the kit into the back of the TV.

Now our colleagues in the US have laid eyes on one of the kits, with Samsung telling them that it will be available "soon".

According to CNET US' David Katzmaier the upgrade comprises:

... an A15 quad-core 1.35GHz processor that offers a maximum 3.6 times increase in speed versus last year's dual-core processor systems, according to the company. The speed bump, which also comes with increased GPU speed and more memory, should make web browsing and app use a good deal zippier.

The kit will also upgrade the user interface of the TV.

The Smart Evolution Kit will retail for between US$200-300, slightly above the initially mooted AUD$149 price. We've contacted Samsung locally regarding Australian pricing and availability, and we'll update as more information comes to hand.

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Im Batman posted a comment   

This is a smart system as it bridges that technolgy gap between peoples TVs and connected devices, smartphone / tablets.

People aren't updating their TVs at the same rate as they are getting new phones or tablets.

With the connected devices have all these great connectivity features that become useless when say some of your home entertainment systems don't have these features also.
example here would be that an upcoming TV upgrade kit could have support for miracast and have a NFC module included.
Meaning that you could use miracast from your device to the TV for a similar price of buying another input device that supports it.

it also provides Samsung a continued revenue stream for the TVs, they are just going to have to add features that compelling enough for people to spend money to upgrade their TV

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