Samsung will reportedly sue Apple over LTE on iPhone 5

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With a little more than a day before the iPhone 5's expected debut, Samsung has decided to sue Apple for patent infringement over its reported use of long-term evolution (LTE) connectivity in the next-generation smartphones.

The battle rolls on.
(Credit: CNET)

Expected to be unveiled at a press event in San Francisco on Wednesday, the iPhone 5 will reportedly feature the speedier fourth-generation wireless networking, for which Samsung holds numerous patents. Samsung, which has been locked in a series of high-stakes patent trials with Apple, had previously threatened to sue the iPhone maker if it were to release LTE-enabled products.

After reports on Monday of LTE capability on the iPhone 5, the South Korean electronics giant "has decided to take immediate legal action," an industry source told the Korea Times. Europe and the United States "are our primary targets", the source said.

CNET has contacted Samsung and Apple for comment, and will update this report when we learn more.

The revelation comes on the heels of a US trade judge hinting that Apple might not be able to persuade him that a pair of HTC patents related to 4G LTE technology should be invalidated in a case that could lead to an import ban on the latest iPad and forthcoming iPhone 5.

US International Trade Commission (ITC) Judge Thomas Pender said on Thursday that "clear and convincing means something to me", addressing the guidelines for determining whether a patent should have been issued. "I have to be pretty darn certain a US patent is invalid."

4G LTE technology was largely expected to be included in last year's iPhone model, the iPhone 4S. Apple chose instead to go with HSPA+, a slightly speedier 3G technology, but a far cry from what can be had on the 4G LTE spec, which can be 10 times as fast.


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ehermo posted a comment   

Irony, I would like you to meet Karma.


Im Batman posted a comment   

The only thing i can applaude Samsung about is that they are potentially taking action on a patent infrigement straight away.

Its not like the some of the Apple cases where the cases pick and choose OEM and phones, well after the time they have been released.
Say a feature is picked that infringes, but that feature has been present in previous iterations of the phone, why make a point now... to late, if you didn't take action on the issue earlier, you shouldn't be able to take action when you feel like it.

Agree with you MaxL1, not good for consumers in the US and Europe... but maybe fantastic news for consumers in Asia and Australia, as there will be no supply issues!!!


MaxL1 posted a comment   

Whilst I think it'd be nice to see Apple receiving some of its own medicine, a ban would be an absolute disaster for the consumer. I can only hope that some of this will make Apple wake up and stop with the petty lawsuits so that it can get back to actually innovating rather than playing catch up.


yoshi25688 posted a comment   

Don't take apple down... Just teach them a lesson.


courtr posted a comment   

I don't know why people root for Samsung...

They rip off and then sue for standard essential patents.

They are the ones holding progress back


Dunners posted a reply   

A front facing screen isn't an essential patent..?
Apple tried to catch Samsung with that one.


lasysun posted a comment   

Go Samsung, Hope you win and take Apple down

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