Samsung's Foxtel and footy promotion

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Samsung is giving away three month Foxtel subscriptions with its new smart TVs.

The UA75ES9000 is one of the participating models.
(Credit: Samsung)

As part of a new retail promotion, Samsung is providing a three month subscription to the Foxtel Get Started and Sports Packs for anyone purchasing a selected model of its smart TV range, just in time for the football grand final season.

The participating TV models include a number of the Slim LED 8/9 Series, some of the Slim LED 7 Series and Slim LED 6 Series, as well as two models of the Plasma 8 Series.

The TV purchase needs to be made between 17 September and 15 October, and the offer must be redeemed before 22 October. It's worth noting that, in the fine print, it says that the subscription needs to be cancelled or the fees will be ongoing.

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