Samsung's new All-Share wireless speaker docks

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Samsung Australia has announced that its latest wireless speaker docks are now available in Australia, capable of sharing audio with compatible Samsung devices using All-Share software.

Samsung speakers: the E650 on top and the E750 below.
(Credit: Samsung)

Offering tiered pricing and features, the DA-E750, DA-E670 and DA-E650 will sell locally for AU$699, AU$479 and AU$399, respectively.

The E750 is the leader of the group, with a cherry-wood finish, a 2.1-channel speaker set-up, a 100-watt amp and a vacuum tube amp, which is housed under a glass dome on the top of the unit and glows when in operation. The E750 also features a docking station for a smartphone, with connections for both Android devices and Apple's iPhone.

Connectivity is a highlight across the range, with the two more expensive models supporting wireless playback via DLNA, Samsung's All-Share software and all three speakers that are compatible with Bluetooth-playback devices, like smartphones. They all also feature a full-sized USB port and micro-USB connections.

The E650 is the most interesting looking of the collection, with a design inspired by a horn, according to Samsung.

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Wazza89 posted a comment   

I would say Galaxys S's only as the usb connection on galaxy's is opposite to other smartphone's so it would seem dumb to have your phone facing the wrong way


Im Batman posted a comment   

Initially from the thumbnal view on the homepage, i thought the two elements were together as an old school phone with a modern cordless twist.

Cherry-wood, tube amplifier... very retro.
Quite an impressive looking set... with that sort of setup, hopefully the audio quality is up to par for the intended audiophile.

Had to look up what the E670 looked like... found it and the 750 available on Brown box (in stock supposedly).

Hope the pairing and streaming is as seemless as intended, often the complaint to DLNA.
In theory with them being DLNA, you should be able to stream from any source.


Joseph Hanlon posted a reply   

That's right about DLNA. I also wonder whether the same would be true for the micro USB connector on the top of the E750. Just for Galaxy S devices? I'm keen to test it out.

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