Samsung's new Galaxy Note 10.1 now available in Australia

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Revealed at IFA back in September, the refresh of the Galaxy Note 10.1 attempted to redress some of the complaints levelled at the original.

(Credit: Samsung)

First and foremost, the screen has been overhauled completely, with the 2014 edition getting a 2560x1600 resolution panel that crams in four times as many pixels as the original.

The processor has been boosted as well, with the Wi-Fi model sporting an octa-core CPU, while the 4G version gets a 2.3GHz quad-core processor.

The 4G version will also be compatible with the Galaxy Gear smart watch, and both will have 16GB of internal storage, upgradeable via microSD.

The Galaxy Note 10.1 Wi-Fi only tablet costs AU$649, with 4G capabilities bumping the price up to AU$799. Both are available now from Samsung Experience stores and "select retailers".

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