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Thanks for the memories  July 26, 2012

Samsung's QWERTY remote for Smart TVs

(Credit: Engadget)

Text entry using a regular TV remote is, more often than not, an agonising experience.

With internet and smart TVs becoming increasingly popular, this is a teething issue that most TV makers will have to resolve. An alternative is to provide a free app with QWERTY keyboard support, though this is currently available primarily for iOS and Android devices.

Samsung is working around this bottleneck by launching a QWERTY flip remote endowed with a complete set of number and character keys for its new smart TVs on the underside.

Other notable features for the remote include a directional pad, teletext keys and a monochrome display on an angled brushed-metal shell. The opposite side of this clicker also provides familiar conventional controls such as volume and channel rockers, as well as video playback and recording buttons. However, the QWERTY flip remote, which is due next month in the US, costs a hefty US$99.99.

Samsung has indicated that the controller will be launched in Australia, but pricing has yet to be announced.


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deltatango posted a comment   

Teletext? Can you even still get that? Why would you read the news in 'rich' 8bit graphics, with no pictures on your new internet connected television?


Natarama posted a comment   

looks cool, better then a normal remote


SHimp posted a comment   

Meh, just do a phone app like Boxee's EXCELLENT iphone remote app

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