Samsung's wall-mountable BD-P4600, DB-P3600 with Wi-Fi dongle

Your flat-screen TV looks awfully lonely mounted on the wall by itself — why not give it a companion?

Samsung BD-P4600
(Credit: Samsung)

That, we assume, is the rationale behind the Samsung BD-P4600 wall-mountable Blu-ray player. The BD-P4600 looks to include all the features of its step-down sibling, the BD-P3600: Profile 2.0/BD-Live, Netflix and Pandora streaming, 1GB on-board memory, built-in Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio decoding, "Touch of Colour" style accents, and — the big upgrade for 2009 — 802.11n Wi-Fi via an included USB dongle.

But unlike the 3600, this ultra-slim 1.5-inch model has a slot-loading disc drive and can be mounted on the wall. Just remember that doing so means you'll need to hide the HDMI cable running to the TV or receiver and the power cord. That's probably why Samsung also includes a stand that mounts it at a 25-degree angle, so you can show off its slim lines.

The BD-P3600 Blu-ray player includes much of the same basic feature list as the Samsung BD-P2550 released last fall: Profile 2.0 (BD-Live), built-in Netflix and Pandora streaming, and 1GB on-board memory.

Samsung BD-P3600
(Credit: Samsung)

But the 2009 model includes a few niceties missing from the 2550: an included USB dongle adds 802.11n Wi-Fi (in addition to Ethernet) and the 3600 should support DTS-HD Master Audio decoding out of the box (no need to wait for a future firmware update, as with early purchasers of the 2550).

On the design front, the BD-P3600 will also sport unusual topside button placement, but the traditional red-on-black colour scheme has been substituted with a far more subtle grey-on-black — neither of which are a big selling point, in our opinion.

Look for both in the first half of 2009 (pricing TBA).

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owner posted a comment   

I got one and it's buggy and leak of video format support.


RichardM1 posted a comment   

I want one!!! Please Samsung bring it to Australia.
Just bought a Samsung 32" Series 6 LCD with the same styling cues, so naturally if I'm going to get a Blu-ray player this'd be great.


lozza posted a comment   

would also like to know if this is going to be sold in austalia and when. looks good in the video.


Corsair posted a comment   

Does someone know as to when this will arrive in australia? Other countries have this already...australia is last again?

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