SanDisk reveals its 256GB CompactFlash card for video

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There's a new CompactFlash (CF) card on the market looking to win over the hearts of video enthusiasts and professionals working with 4K footage.

(Credit: SanDisk)

This is definitely not a card targeted toward the casual photographer. SanDisk has revealed the AU$2,199 mammoth CF card catering to the most demanding applications, particularly in cameras pushing out very high-quality video, like the Canon EOS-1D C.

Such high-capacity cards will also be welcomed by those playing around with RAW video capture on consumer-level SLRs thanks to firmware mods like Magic Lantern.

The card is rated for a minimum sustained write speed of 65MBps and a transfer speed of up to 160MBps. As the card is branded with the company's Extreme Pro tag, it is RTV (room-temperature vulcanizing) silicone coated inside to protect against shock, and can withstand temperatures from -25 to 85 degrees Celcius (-13 to 185 degrees Fahrenheit).

Alongside the 256GB variant, SanDisk is also expanding the rest of the ExtremePro CF range to have read and write speeds of up to 160MBps and 150MBps, respectively.

Considering that many high-end cameras that would best make use of this capacity come with dual card slots (such as the 1D C), the AU$2,199 asking price is a significant investment. The cards will be available by the end of this month.

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