SanDisk Sansa e280 (8GB)

With a huge features list, simple design and a whole lot of expandable storage space, the Sansa e280 screams "Take me on, wimpy iPod Nano".

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User Reviews / Comments  SanDisk Sansa e280 (8GB)

  • yods



    "they have these for $118 at dick smith now. Bargain!"

  • kimmy_jayne



    "yeah i agree it was a great mp4 player 4 me from yr5 to yr8 if your not willing to go for the ipods. it never broke down but after a while i wished it did so i could upgrade to an ipod 3rd genera..."

  • j-rok



    "i love the sandick sansa but i also have a ipod nano 3rd generation and i find the sansa copies it lot but its still a good mp3 player for a kid around 12 to 14 "

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