SanDisk SSDs are now quite cheap

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If you've been holding back from buying an SSD, now is likely a good time to buy one.

(Credit: SanDisk)

Both Scorptec and PC Case Gear have dropped the price of SanDisk's Extreme series. It's being marked as a special, although we wonder if it's a harbinger of cheaper SSD prices to come.

The Extreme series is based on SandForce's SF2281 chipset, a proven performer. Custom firmware and the memory type used can change the performance of SSDs, even based on the same chipset, though; so while benchmarks are good, make sure to look at all your SSD options, first.

The prices themselves may be enough to convince, though: AU$129 for 120GB, AU$249 for 240GB and AU$489 for 480GB. That's a colossal drop for the 240GB and 480GB models, and although you still have to factor shipping into the equation, it makes for a very tempting offer.

A heads up: make sure to update your firmware once you get it, to fix an issue with TRIM.

Scorptec: 120GB; 240GB; 480GB.
PC Case Gear: 120GB; 240GB; 480GB.

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anthonaut posted a comment   

I took your advice Craig after reading this article and went and bought a 120GB Sandisk Extreme from Scorptec. First of all, this was my first experience with Scorptec and my SSD was delivered to my door (interstate) 22 hours after the online transaction completed. I definitely recommend them!Spent many more hours than I had planned installing the drive (including updating the firmware) but now it's done I'm loving the added speed. Worth every cent! SSDs would have to be the best dollar-for-dollar speed upgrade you can do on an ageing PC and I haven't had any issues with the drive at all.You can read my whole experience with installing my SSD here:


AlexanderB posted a comment   

Too bad the affordable ones still aren't large enough in capacity to be worth it


RoryPory posted a reply   

Please do your research. SSDs are used for their speed, not for storing a lot of files. You just put your OS, and your most frequently programs.

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