SanDisk's new USBs are thinner, faster, higher capacity

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SanDisk today launched a new range of USB flash drives; four devices covering what the company predicts are the touchstones of the category. Two of these drives focus on the fashion conscious segment, one is USB 3.0 compatible and the fourth is the company's highest capacity drive in this size, with a capacity of 128GB.

The new SanDisk Pop folds in the middle to reveal the USB connection.
(Credit: SanDisk)

The Cruzer Glide USB Drive is the drive with all the storage. Ranging in size from 4GB to 128GB, SanDisk predicts the larger drives will be sought after by customers who use thin form factor laptops with SSD drives of about the same capacity as the flash drive. The 128GB drive will retail for AU$119.50.

Users requiring faster transfers of data may consider the SanDisk Exteme USB drive, with USB 3.0 connectivity. SanDisk estimates file transfers of up to 190MB/s, or ten-times faster than with a similar device over USB 2.0. The Extreme drive is a cap-less model, with a sliding mechanism protecting the aluminium connection. SanDisk is asking for AU$100 for a 64GB Extreme drive, which is a considerable increase in cost for the faster technology.

Fashion conscious USB drive enthusiasts (if there is such a thing) might prefer something smaller, thinner and less matte black. The new Cruzer Pop and Cruzer Facet cover these interests, with colourful designs, though considerably smaller capacity options. The Pop offers the more interesting design, with a slim-line form, which folds to protect the connection. Both the Pop and the Facet will sell for approximately the same price, with a 32GB drive retailing for about AU$30.

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