Scare up a bargain on the Steam Halloween sale

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The holiday of Halloween might be particularly North American, but the Steam game sale prices will make even Aussies shriek with joy.

Steam's Halloween sale runs until 31 October.
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Steam's Halloween sale has kicked off with a huge run of cut-price games, most of which have a slightly dark bent to their overall thematic structure. By which we mean there are some scary titles to be had here.

There are 60 games on sale, and it all wraps up on 31 October, so be quick. You can pick up Fear for US$4.99, Alan Wake for US$14.99, the excellent indie title Limbo for US$2.49 and even the Ultimate Edition of Fallout: New Vegas will only set you back US$24.99. The full list is available by clicking here.

One caveat: Steam sales can be oddly addictive, so be careful, or the scariest thing will be your monthly credit card bill.

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