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Thanks for the memories  July 26, 2012

Sci-fi author Neal Stephenson goes Fruit Ninja

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(Screenshot by Michelle Starr/CNET Australia)

Watching one of our favourite authors slicing things up with a sword is too cool for words.

Neal Stephenson loves swords. There's Hiro Protagonist's 1337 cyber sword skills in Snow Crash, and his successful Kickstarter, Clang, that is seeking to revolutionise sword fighting in video games.

Now we get to see him go all Fruit Ninja in a 2500 frames-per-second video, wherein he chops up a rockmelon, an apple and a bottle of water. Water counts as fruit, right?

The video is a promo for ChefSteps' free-to-learn sous vide course, which is also pretty cool. Free professional-level cooking classes? Yes, please.

Just leave the sword bits to Mr Stephenson over there. (Also, if you've not read any of his books, you need to rectify that immediately.)


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