• Mio Moov 300  

    Mio Moov 300

    User Rating7.1

    The entry level in Mio's 2008 Moov range, the 300 features a 4.3-inch screen, text-to-speech, safety camera warnings, traffic light info ...

    Car Tech > GPS

  • Mio Moov 360  

    Mio Moov 360

    User Rating5.4

    The Moov 360 is the middle child of Mio's 2008 range. It gains Bluetooth hands-free and 3D landmarks in addition to the base model's 4.3-...

    Car Tech > GPS

  • Mio Moov 370  

    Mio Moov 370

    CNET Rating7.5
    User Rating6.5

    Traffic messaging and Bluetooth hands-free at a reasonable price, but the windshield mount and hard-to-read traffic alerts mean that it f...

    Car Tech > GPS

  • Traffic-enabled GPS navigators  

    Traffic-enabled GPS navigators

    With traffic services now available along the eastern seaboard, traffic-enabled GPS devices are now blooming like flowers in the spring s...

    Car Tech > GPS

  • New Mios Moov away from Whereis maps  

    New Mios Moov away from Whereis maps

    With its 2008 Moov range, Mio becomes the first major GPS manufacturer in Australia to use maps from Navteq instead of Telstra's Whereis ...

    Car Tech > GPS

  • Navman S35  

    Navman S35

    User Rating6.8

    It looks like last year's S30, except it's been given the latest Whereis maps and spoken street names. Unlike the S-Series Platinum model...

    Car Tech > GPS

  • Navman S300t  

    Navman S300t

    CNET Rating7.3
    User Rating4.8

    Best. Looking. GPS. Ever. Shame that it's marred by a weak FM transmitter, reluctant Bluetooth and some interface issues. Still besotted ...

    Car Tech > GPS

  • Uniden Trax 350  

    Uniden Trax 350

    CNET Rating8.5
    User Rating5.1

    Available only through Harvey Norman stores, the Trax 350 has a 3.5-inch screen, 3D terrain, 3D landmarks and safety camera locations. It...

    Car Tech > GPS

  • TomTom Go 730  

    TomTom Go 730

    CNET Rating8.2
    User Rating6.3

    Lane guidance is great and the over-hyped IQ Routes was pretty good, but the best news is that, one year on, the Go 720's faults (price, ...

    Car Tech > GPS

  • Top GPS features  

    Top GPS features

    So you've decided you're going to get a portable GPS device, but what features should you look out for and which brand is best at what?

    Car Tech > GPS

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